Jaime Steindorf

Marshall, WI

Owner and Administrator

18 Years Experience


Mother of 3 Teenage Sons

College: MATC, UW Milwaukee, Northwest Tech

My favorite thing is to hear a child giggle!



Reeseville, WI

Float Teacher & Cook/Kitchen Administration

Level 7 on the Registry

College: Northwest Tech

Mother of 5

14 Years of Group Childcare Experience

April S

Marshall, WI

Director of Rio & 2-5 Year old Teacher

15 Year Experience

Registry Level 3

College: Northwest Tech


Columbus, WI

School Age Teacher Teacher

Registry Level 3

Mother of Jaxson

2 Year Experience in Group Childcare

Lyndsay R

Waupun, WI

Infant Room Teacher

Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education

Registry Level 12

Mother of 2 - Married to Seth  



Columbus Staff


Braids N' Britches is very fortunate to have such a loyal, dedicated and caring staff. The people that work for our center's are truly the best! I appreciate the teachers everyday - 


Rio Staff

Kayla R.

Columbus, WI

Working towards associated degree in Early Childhood Education

1 year of group childhood experience

Mother of 1

Float Teacher and Support Staff

Abbey P.

Columbus, WI

Director of Columbus & Infant room Lead

8 Years Experience

Mother of 1

Registry Level 7

College: Northwest Tech


Braids N' Britches Daycare

Serenity S.

Marshall, WI

Registry Level 7

7 Years Experience in Group Childcare

Former Braids N' Britches student

Mother of Azalea

Lead Preschool Room Teacher

Alicia H

Fall River, WI

Lead Teacher of Children ages 2-3.5

6 Years Experience

Mother of 4 Beautiful Girls 

College: Northwest Tech

Registry Level 3


Kelsey L.

Kelsey will be joining us for Summer 2018 as a support staff. She will be attending college in the fall, working towards a career in Law Enforcement.

Meet the Staff


Fall River, WI

Lead Infant Teacher

Registry Level 3

Mother of 3 Beautiful Girls


Rio, WI

Float Teacher

Registry Level 3

Currently Enrolled at MATC

Stacey S.

Marshall, WI

30 Years Experience - 13 years with Braids N' Britches

Mother of Serenity (preschool teacher) - plus 4 other children

Grandmother of Azalea


Marshall, WI

School-age Teacher

Registry Level 3

7 Year Experience